Arina Orlova, an illustrator and a visual artist currently based in London.
Her artwork is a combination of spontaneous line drawing and conceptual thinking.

Current project is a study of Modern Myths: Super Reality.

Myths are the stories we tell about the world in order to understand it. They exist in all societies of the present as well as the past as an essential part of human life. However mythical truth is not literal, historic or scientific; myth is a form of communication, it “transform meaning into form”(R.Barthes Mythologies, 1957).

The prefix SUPER indicates object, which is superior in size, quality, number, degree, status, title or position and definitely above average.

The project makes a step towards decoding contemporary myths, it explores how SuperMan, SuperMarket, SuperModel, SuperCar, SuperPower, SuperStar, SuperNature taken together create a parallel reality – SUPER REALITY – that originates from human imagination but affects real life as well.